With deep sadness, Shuswap Rotary regrets the passing of Madame Alice Mugwe, teacher at Barani Primary School at Mtwapa, Kenya.  She passed suddenly on Monday, May 7, 2018.  Mme Alice will be remembered for her warm heart, her love for the students of Barani Primary, and for her amazing coordination of the Shuswap Rotary food program that fed 550 students daily. 
After her passing, on Friday, May 11, her body was brought back to Barani Primary School so the students could say prayers over her, and together find comfort and closure.  From there, she was transported to Karatina, in Nyeri County, east of Nairobi, so that she could be buried in her home there.  School was closed for the day, the teachers at Barani Primary accompanied her home. 
Madame Alice had a big heart, and was always helping others.  Although she had no husband and no children of her own, she brought up her late sister’s orphan child, even putting her through university.  She has also been helping another child, a student from her class, year 8 at Barani Primary.  She had a true vocational calling as a teacher, her commitment to her students was extraordinary. 
Madame Alice has been part of the Food Program at Barani since Shuswap Rotarian Mike Boudreau taught Math to her Class 8 students when he was visiting in Kenya in 2011.  Some of her students had no lunch that day, so he bought them lunch.  Mike was moved to propose a Rotary Food Program when he returned to Canada.  
Since small beginnings, the program has expanded to feed 550 students every day. Mme Alice has been in charge of the purchase and storage of food, the hiring and supervision of cooks, and the amazing organization of serving 550 students every day, who bring their own plates and a stick of firewood in exchange for their lunch.  A brand new kitchen has just been built, funded by Shuswap Rotary.  
Madame Alice was a gift to Barani Primary and to Kenya.  Her legacy was about helping others, in the true Rotary spirit. She will be missed,  by Barani Primary, and by Shuswap Rotary.  Thank you, and good-bye, Madame Alice.