CHRISTMAS DINNERS 2022 - 495 Distributed
Thank you everyone for making time on Christmas day to make this event successful. You were all part of a larger team of volunteers that prepared 600 turkey dinner meals to be distributed to the community.
Planning began over two months ago, food ordered, posters, and tickets printed.
Special thanks to Jeanne's Printing who did all the printing at no charge.
Assembly at the two churches started early Xmas morning with volunteers assembling and packaging the 300 meals each. Then it was up to you folks to get the meals delivered and passed out.
Of the 600 prepared meals you distributed, 495 meals to our community. The remaining 105 meals were picked up by 2nd Harvest Food Bank to be placed in their freezers for distribution to those in need. No food was wasted.
Thank you for your time and help with our Tri Club Xmas dinner even. I wish you a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,
John Hansen
Volunteer Coordinator
The Cooks Debbie Hewitt,  Dale Johnston, Nan dickie, 
IMG_0217 2.jpeg
VOLUNTEERS: MJ Johnston, John Hansen and Elaine Hansen hand out a Christmas dinner.