Rev. Jenny Carter - for being an inspirational leader and bringing the United Church in Salmon Arm to the forefront of equality for all, helping those in need and supporting all aspects of the community. One of the highlights of her ministry has been a focus on The Future, “Sharing What We Have,” and always being aware of the Environment. As a chef, she has organized the ‘Catering Crew at First.” Hundreds of people attend and enjoy the free Wednesday lunch. She has also gained praise from two Rotary Clubs which enjoy meals at their meetings held at First.
A number of organizations have found a home on the second floor of the Community Hall: Voice of the Shuswap, LGBTQA2S+, The Metis Office, and others.
Steve Genn is pictured here with Fernando Castro, a former Exchange student in Salmon Arm a number of years ago. His visit was so good he came back.
This is a fitting photo as Steve is an activist of the Exchange program.
Steve Genn received the Paul Harris for being an awesome president by taking on the role and carrying our club through the year. Generous and supportive of the club and the community. Besides his personal generosity at Shuswap Rotary’s auction, Steve has been an incredible supporter of our Exchange student program, encouraging new students by visiting new and old exchange students in Europe this summer.