Volunteers are what make everything happen! ❤ 

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Volunteers are what make everything happen! And we are so truly grateful to the amazing volunteers and the group of gardeners and community builders coming together around this garden project! We are really excited about this Spring!
Meet Rita Greggor! She is a member of the Shuswap Rotary https://www.shuswaprotary.org/ and is involved in many activities but the garden holds a special place for her!
"For me, volunteering makes me want to give back to my community. Volunteering at the Shuswap Community Teaching Garden gave me incentive to start my own little garden at home and to enjoy the fruits of my labour; it’s very rewarding. I'm learning first hand how to grow and harvest with others more knowledgeable than myself. I would encourage anyone to come out and see and get involved."
Shuswap Rotary members have been volunteering at the the Shuswap Community Teaching Garden, including Sherry Gilroy, Rita Greggor, MJ Berezan, John and Elaine Hansen.
The Garden is a place for EVERYONE! We welcome all volunteers and there is always something to do. If you or your organization are interested in becoming involved, to learn hands-on skills, to give back to your community, or to sponsor the garden, please contact Melanie Bennett at projects@shuswapfood.ca


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